What Questions CEOs & Directors Need to Ask When Starting a Board Member Search

Ask questions about how the candidate will fit in with the organization on multiple levels

What Questions CEOs & Directors Need to Ask When Starting a Board Member Search

Board directors sort through dozens of board bios in their search for the perfect board director. Much like resumes, these board bios will supply the candidates background, skills and accomplishments. But even with this information supplied, the first question nomination & governance committees should be asking is for the candidate to walk them through their career and expertise. Hearing how the candidate describes themselves, their experiences and credentials will add a personal context to what a document cannot provide. 

From there, interviewers can segue into the specifics that will allow them to better understand how the candidate will work in the role, how they will best collaborate with the existing board, what gaps of knowledge or key challenges they may advise on, and the overall expectations for joining the board.

Most importantly, board directors should be asking questions about how the candidate will fit with the organization's future plans. For example; Are they committed to the company's values and mission? Can they advise through rapid growth and the challenges of scaling? Do they have credentials that meet the requirements to go public if the company aspires to do so?

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