How to Hire Your First Independent Board Director

The process of finding your first independent board director is a thoughtful exercise in weighing both business and governance priorities

How to Hire Your First Independent Board Director

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Navigating the process of finding your first independent board director should be a thoughtful exercise in weighing both business priorities and governance expectations equally. Examine the skill set of the executive team - what are the missing strengths? Examine the 2 year or 5 year plan for the business - what is the integral knowledge base needed to succeed? Examine the stage your company is in - are you hiring for your current stage while also considering its evolution and future?

Independent board directors are the inside advisors of the business, guiding the CEO and executive team to execute their vision by leveraging their professional perspectives, experience and area of expertise. So how do you find the right Independent Director for your company? We’ve collected some helpful resources to get you started:

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