Candidate Advisory Services

Personalized Support for Aspiring Board Candidates

Board candidates are often

Unsure how to begin

their journey towards acquiring
a board role.

Hesitant to start

a Board Bio and Personal Value Proposition without clear direction.

Lacking insight

about what companies value in board members.

We’re here to help.

Receive one-on-one coaching with our Talent Team, an experienced team of professional board and executive recruiters, who can offer insights and the next steps you need to take in order to land the board role you deserve.

Each session will last one hour, allowing you enough time to obtain powerful insights, ask questions and create personalized next steps.

Session Highlights

  • Develop a powerful, concise Personal Value Proposition (PVP) that will stand out from the crowd

  • Craft a thoughtful board bio that is fully aligned with your board goals

  • Evaluate your board capacity, preferences, and company wishlist to target the right opportunities

  • Leverage your network with a personalized strategy, including professional events and mentoring


Nicole’s deep dive with me on my board profile and potential channels of opportunity were motivating and clarifying. Her personalized approach helped me hone in on my unique qualifications that I had not fully explored. I really appreciated her view that the board journey is not a “one-size-fits-all” formula.

Neda Mansoorian
CEO & Board Director

My experience was personalized, productive, and empowering. The expert feedback jump-started my board journey and continues to pay off professionally. I'm so pleased I decided to invest in myself with theBoardlist's Candidate Advisory Services.

Anne Jewell
VP & Executive Director

Who is theBoardlist's Talent Team?

Led by Nicole Kyner, theBoardlist's Head of Search, our Talent Team has 40 years of combined board and executive experience hailing from esteemed firms like SpencerStuart, as well as prominent companies like eBay and StubHub.

Launching your journey towards a board director role with theBoardlist Talent Team is an invaluable tool allowing you to confidently stand out and connect across networks. Book your Candidate Advisory Session below to tap in to unrivaled knowledge of the process, tools, and networking required to get you on the right path towards the board role you deserve.

Candidate Coaching Package

Two 30-minute Zoom sessions with our Talent Team over 30-60 days.

In two sessions, you can typically expect to:

• Provide an overview of your career path
• Discuss your board preferences and capacity
• Review and finalize your drafted Board Bio
• Establish your Personal Value Proposition
• Develop a personalized networking strategy
• Optimize your theBoardlist and LinkedIn profiles

Candidates who complete Candidate Advisory sessions receive a distinction on their profile, which can improve visibility in search results.

$750 USD

Did you know?

Most employers reimburse for professional training.

Talk to your company today to see if you can expense our Candidate Advisory Services.

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